Slant Style

The slant style border is without question the most popular shape. It offers the most variety of design patterns to suit your individual preferences and minimized grass trimming.

Mower Style

This attractive shape is popular due to its primary feature. This shape allows you to overhang your mower deck with a reduced likelihood of scratching the curbing. In most cases, it does not require grass trimming.

Square Style

The square style border also offers unique benefits. Its shape allows it to be recessed as deep as is preferred and can be used for a parking stop or small barrier wall.  Also offered in the 6”x 6” size.

Additional Styles

We also offer the 6″ x 4″  half round style, or dome shape, which has several uses. Also, we are excited to present, as a new offering for the 2013 season,  our 4”x 4” mini-curb which is popular for complementing smaller yards.